Microprocessor lpg sequential injection ECU, equipped in self-autoadaptation system, designed especially for cars with modern diagnostics system OBD II with possibility to comunicate thru digital CAN line. It gives possiblity to comunicate with OBD II diagnostics by useing lpg ECU software.

  • Very small, aluminium, waterproof box [size: 106 x 96 x 34 (mm)] with hermetic automotive connector type MOLEX.
  • One version for 4, 6 and 8 cylinders.
  • Very fast processor - 120 MHz
  • Petrol injectors emulation – 100 Ohm
  • Overvoltage protection.
  • Possibility to connect two lambda probes.
  • Full diagnostics of lpg injectors control circuit.
  • Switch with 4 pins connector include buzzer inside.
  • Extra injections filtering.
  • Switching back to petrol on cut-off when gas pressure is to high.
  • „Contionous petrol injection” function for cars with „open loop”.
  • Mixture enrichment value can be set by one mouse click after collecting lpg and petrol maps.
  • A lot of calibration options: vacum corrections, rpm corections, temperature corrections, pressure corrections.
  • Possibility to change mixture enrichment for each one cylinder.
  • Lpg injectors preheating befor first switch to gas.
  • New autoadaptation function witch makes automatic mixture enrichment changeing when it is necessary (driveing with PC is not necessary).